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Hello Pumpkin- pumpkin, vanilla, brown sugar, autumnal cinnamon, cloves nutmeg, buttercream, pine and patchouli

Honey & Spice- A blend of tonka bean, bergamot, spiced hone, hint of tobacco leaves, amber, oud and coriander

Autumn Night- Patchouli, sage, balsam, cedar, pine, sage, lime and juniper

Hot Toddy- apple, Bourbon, orange, cinnamon, maple and coconut

Get Cozy- cranberry, champagne, musk, praline, vanilla, citrus and davana

By the Fire- Spearmint, smoke, amber, cade, leather, vetiver, oud, myrrh, olibanum and guaiacwood

FALL for Your TYPE (6 Scented Tea Light Candles)

  • Six 1oz Different Scented Tea Light Candles.

  • Our “Fall For Your Type” sample set has something for everyone and every mood.

    If you like to end a Fall night with a nice glass of bourbon straight then go ahead and light our “Hot Toddy” which is a sexy combination of bourbon and apple maple. But if your mood is to throw on your significant other’s hoodie and chill then “Get Cozy” with a cozy scent of cranberry and champagne. Then we have those nights where you’re the type to snuggle “By the Fire” and this leather and smoke scent will put anyone in the mood. Then we have our “Autumn Night” sample and this scent is for THAT type of night. Our “Honey & Spice” is the bubble bath and candle type because who doesn’t love a dimmed light bath with the warm scent of spiced honey and ambers. And of course, our “Hello Pumpkin” is the perfect sample for a Saturday morning, marrying pumpkin, buttercream, vanilla and brown sugar. Whichever type you FALL for, we have a candle. ENJOY.

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