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Our Story

Hi! Welcome to Bea & Ket Brand, where your health and experience matter to us.


Bea & Ket Brand was started by two siblings, Kemy and Doune, who have a love for all things natural. Both siblings, since childhood, suffer from sensitive skin and scalps. Over the years, independently of each other, they began making their own hair and skin products. All of their innovations and creative ideas were generated and brought to life in 2018 during a family occasion. After countless classes and books on natural care, Bea & Ket Brand was formed. The name of the brand was inspired by our Aunt Beatrice (Bea)

and our Mother Kettlie (Ket).


Growing up in a Haitian household, we were taught the usage and importance of natural products. With inspiration and knowledge from these two powerful figures, we started creating all of our products with all-natural ingredients, in small batches,

hand-poured with love.


Bea & Ket Brand takes pride in ensuring all of our products are manufactured in the United States, bringing to you the highest quality and freshest ingredients available. We are committed to fair trade and cruelty-free practices in the production and

distribution of all our products.


We are dedicated to excellence and strive to stand behind our brand unconditionally.

We guarantee unique and personalized customer care, and a refined adventure with amazing products to help make your experience sensational.


At Bea & Ket Brand, we honor transparency, integrity, and honesty. We are open to hearing from you and happy to answer any/all questions you may have.


We thank you and hope you enjoy it!

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